Strategic Futures

Whether planning an enterprise growth strategy, organizational shift, or restructuring of the practice, the advisors from the Strategic Futures Practice can guide you through every step of planning and execution. Initiatives where we leverage our expertise include the following:

For firms

  • Merger & acquisition strategic constructs
  • Creating resilient business structures
  • Exploring multiple revenue streams for business sustainability
  • Reimaging and preparing for the future of the design and construction industry
  • Increasing your knowledge of owners’ needs in planning, design, and project delivery
  • Exploring the benefits of and opportunities for knowledge creation
  • Understanding intellectual property within the firm as a key valuation driver

For owners

  • Connecting strategy with physical resources planning
  • Increasing knowledge and capacity to manage predictable outcomes in planning, design,
  • and project delivery while working with the A/E industry
  • Improving planning, design, and project delivery processes
  • Selecting the best teams for planning, design, and project delivery challenges
Strategic Identity